MedMade Bariatric surgery supplements

MedMade Bariatric surgery supplements

MedMade Bariatric surgery supplementsMedMade BSS is a new and unique dietary supplement, developed by Impolin AB, for people who has undergone obesity surgery.

After obesity surgery, such as Gastric Bypass or Sleeve Gastrectomy, you need extra vitamin- and mineral supplementation daily, as you reduce the areas where these nutrients are absorbed along with decreased production of stomach acid which is necessary for the absorption of some vitamins and minerals. Even though you eat regularly with variation, it simply is not enough to meet the increased needs.

MedMade complies with the Nordic recommendations for supplementation after obesity surgery and contains all the vitamins and minerals in the amounts needed after surgery. The advantage is that you do not have to use multiple preparations as prescribed by doctors, thus only one dietary supplement is needed to cover the increased needs.

What is unique is the tablet’s extra fast dissolving capacity in liquid which takes less than two minutes, implying an option on how to consume the dietary supplement.

MedMade BSS is available for purchase at Modifast website; and available in four different package sizes.

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