Company Background

Impolin AB in its current form started business during the summer of 2007, with the goal of building a stable, independent and successful distribution company, active in the pharmacy channel as well as on the Internet, with Sweden as the main market.

The owners and employees of Impolin have long experience from the Nordic pharmaceutical industry, primarily from wellknown OTC brands (non-prescription pharmaceutical), but also from Rx (prescription drugs) and nutritional products, research and development of new interesting pharmaceuticals as well as fast moving consumer goods. Trade expertise covers pharmacy as well as grocery trade.


Already from the start, Impolin AB had the distribution right for the international slimming brand Modifast, owned by the French company Nutrition & Santé. N&S is one of the leading companies in Europe when it comes to dietetic and organic food products and Modifast carries a range of tasty diet and meal replacement products for weight loss and weight control.

During the autumn of 2010 an agreement was signed with the pharmaceutical company Novartis, regarding the brand Benefiber.
In January of 2011 Impolin AB bought the brands Absolut Torr (Absolute Dry) and Bröstvårtskräm from the pharmaceutical company MSD. Absolute Dry is a very effective antiperspirant that will put a stop to sweating and bad smell for up to 7 days. Bröstvårtskräm is a local brand and a softening and soothing cream for sore nipples, primarily during breastfeeding.

During the autumn of 2011 the brand Milical was launched, with tasty and nutritious protein bars with a low level of calories. This brand, like Modifast, is owned by the French company Nutrition & Santé.

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