Modifast launches new green product line

Modifast launches new, green product line

MOD-grupp-Oats-pyramid-3-tillb-webbModifast is launching a completly new line of products – the Green one! The new products are all full diet replacement products of LCD type, Low Calorie Diet. As a result they can be used during strict diets with LCD, together with all the existing LCD products within the Modifast family.

The Green product line consists of three naturally delightful flavours;

– Modifast LCD Honey & Oats
– Modifast LCD Raspberry & Oats
– Modfiast LCD Cocoa & Oats

Distinguishing features of the Green product line is the larger amount of vegetable protein along with oats giving a higher level of dietary fiber. In addition the products contain natural aromas and are free from artificial sweeteners and coloring.

The products are available at

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