Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Impolin AB cherishes user integrity. This Privacy Policy applies to all websites provided by Impolin AB.
Any information that could directly or indirectly be linked to a specific individual is considered to be personal data. This means for example that the following information is to be regarded as personal data: name, address and telephone number.

Collection and processing of personal data

Active collection of data occurs when the user supplies personal information to Impolin, or allows a membership or other organization (eg a company the user subscribes to) to send information to Impolin AB.

Impolin collects and processes personal information to communicate with and fulfil our obligations towards the user. The information might also be handled by partners of Impolin, for the same purposes. Impolin might also use personal information for follow up and marketing purposes. Personal information collected by Impolin AB will never be sold to external companies.

If you have questions concerning this Privacy Policy or wish to change or remove any of your personal data possibly collected by Impolin, please contact us by email or phone (+46 8 544 999 00).

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